Database supporting piRNA functional study

What piRBase

piRBase is a manually curated resource of piRNAs, which focused on piRNA function analyses as well as piRNA annotation.

1. piRBase release v1.0 was released in 2014.
2. piRBase release v2.0 was released in 2019.
3. piRBase release v3.0 was released in 2021.

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Quick Start

How Use

Browse piRNA records by selecting species.

Search piRNA information in piRBase.

Browse datasets in piRBase by selecting species.

Data visualization using JBrowse.

Browse clusters by selecting species.

Search related piRNA according to annotations.

The information about piRNAs and disease.

Browse piRNA related epigenetic data.

The statistics of data in piRBase.

The data provide to download.

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How many data

piRBase is a manually curated resource of piRNAs

Data in piRBase release v3.0:
1. Reaching more than 181 million unique piRNA sequences
2. Covering 44 species
3. Including 440 datasets

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Some tools in piRBase

Name Convert

convert a list of NCBI or RNAdb piRNA names and accession numbers to piRBase names.

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Seq To Name

retrieve piRBase names by a list of piRNA sequences.

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Reverse Complement

nucleotide sequence reverse complement tool.

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Bowtie Online

online bowtie tool.

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Hypergeo Test

hypergeometric test calculator.

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CDS Format

CDS sequence formatting tool.

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