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PubMed Name Sequence Id in Article Disease Subtype Expression Function
23229900 piR-hsa-24360 TTCACTGATGAGAGCATTGTTCTGAGC piR-17458 Breast cancer down-regulated FC 2.04
23229900 piR-hsa-28527 GGTTCCATGGTGTAATGGTTAGCACTCTG piR-20582 breast cancer up-regulated FC 3.24
23229900 piR-hsa-28190 GGCCGTGATCGTATAGTGGTTAGTACTCTG piR-20365 breast cancer up-regulated FC 5.08
23229900 piR-hsa-28374 GGGGATGTAGCTCAGTGGTAGAGCGCATGCT piR-20485 breast cancer up-regulated FC 5.12
23229900 piR-hsa-27493 GCATTGGTGGTTCAGTGGTAGAATTCTCAC piR-19825 breast cancer up-regulated FC 6.52
23229900 piR-hsa-7193 TCGCCGTGATCGTATAGTGGTTAGTACTCTG piR-4987 breast cancer up-regulated FC 7.46
23992744 piR-hsa-1519 AGGATGCTTGATCCTGAAGGGTTAGCAGCA piR-932 Breast cancer CD44+/CD24- up-regulated may be a positive regulator through promoting the methylation of Latexin
25313140 piR-hsa-1245 AGCCCTGATGATGCCCACTCCTGAGC piR-31106 Breast cancer up-regulated
25313140 piR-hsa-26527 GACCAATGATGAGATTGGAGGGTGTCTGAAT piR-34377 Breast cancer down-regulated
25313140 piR-hsa-26872 GAGGAATGATGACAAGAAAAGGCCGAA piR-34736 Breast cancer down-regulated
25313140 piR-hsa-27616 GCCCGGATGATCCTCAGTGGTCTGGGGTGC piR-35407 Breast cancer down-regulated
25313140 piR-hsa-28175 GGCCCCATGGTGTAATGGTCAGCACTC piR-36026 Breast cancer up-regulated
25313140 piR-hsa-28398 GGGGGTATAGCTCAGTGGTAGAGCATTTGA piR-36249 Breast cancer down-regulated
25313140 piR-hsa-28467 GGTAGTGTGGCCGAGCGGTCTAAGGC piR-36318 Breast cancer down-regulated
25313140 piR-hsa-28877 GTTTCCGTAGTGTAGTGGTCATCACGTTCGCC piR-36743 Breast cancer up-regulated