NPInter v4.0

Documents functional interactions between noncoding RNAs and biomolecules

Examples: MALAT1, hsa-mir-107, NONHSAG008675, MI0000114, P04637

Search in NPInter database

In most of the NPInter pages, there is a search bar on the top.


The search bar can be filled in with molecular name or molecular IDs (NONCODE, miRBase, UniProt, circBase).

Browse in NPInter database

In NPInter v4.0, we perfectly updated the browse module.


User can filter the interactions with interaction class, interaction level, species, data source and tissue through the filter panel on the left.


After filtering by these attributes, users can also search molecule name in the search bar on the top of the data table.


Enjoy browsing!

Download data

All interaction data can be freely downloaded from the Download page.

We provide both the whole dataset of NPInter v4.0 and v3.0.


Disease search

User can search interactions and molecules related to certain disease.

The disease search is on the Function page.


In this page, users can enter the disease name and search for molecules related to this disease.


Blast sequence

In NPInter blast module, we support searching by nucleotide sequence. Users can either update a fasta file or fill in the form with the whole sequence in FASTA format.


There is a result sample


Users can click the Details button to enter the molecule profile page for corresponding molecule.