NPInter v4.0

Documents functional interactions between noncoding RNAs and biomolecules

Examples: MALAT1, hsa-mir-107, NONHSAG008675, MI0000114, P04637

Release History

Version 4.0 public released. Sep 2019

Started to collect interaction for v4.0. Jun 2018

Version 3.0 public released. Jan 2016

Version 2.0 public released. Nov 2013

Public released. Jun 2005


Explore and filter interactions in the database by biomolecule, tissue, organism, data source,and interaction type.

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Download a full copy of the interactions documented in NPInter v4 as well as older versions in spreadsheet format.

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Search function and disease annotation of ncRNAs and acquire a comprehensive view of interactions.

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Access to full summary statistics for NPInter interactions.

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Citation and Contact information.

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