Detail Information of small proteins related to Human Microbiomes for Family ID: 52
General Information
Family ID52
No. Members58
Small Protein Length50
Example of a Refseq homologWP_072867533.1
Associated HGT genesNA
Number of non bacterial 0
Non bacterial classification_numbe of members that were classified to itNA
RNA code p-value assigned to family2.31E-09
number of species16
SpeciesCatabacter sp. UBA7597_3, Ruminococcaceae bacterium P7_3, Firmicutes bacterium CAG:102_1, Lachnospiraceae bacterium AB2028_2, Unclassified_18, Clostridiales bacterium UBA1774_2, Gemmiger formicilis_1, Oscillospiraceae bacterium UBA6370_1, Stenotrophomonas sp. SKA14_9, Clostridium sp. CAG:349_1, Alistipes putredinis_1, Selenomonas sp. AE3005_8, Alistipes obesi_1, Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7143_1, Clostridium sp. CAG:632_1, Clostridiales bacterium UBA1752_1, Desulfuromonadales bacterium C00003107_1

Sample Origin
Body SitesNo. SamplesFraction
Number of homologs from non-human metagenomesNumber of different types of non-human environmentsNon human environments in which homologs exist_number of homologs

Function prediction
% of family members that are predicted to have a transmembrane domain (TMHMM)0
Is family classified as Transmembrane (TMHMM)0
% of family members that are predicted to have a signal peptide in gram+ (SignalP_v5.0)0
Is family predicted to be secreted in gram+ (SignalP_v5.0)0
% of family members that are predicted to have a signal peptide in gram- (SignalP_v5.0)0
Is family predicted to be secreted in gram- (SignalP_v5.0)0
Number of members the are transmembrane (Phobius)0
Fraction of members that are transmembrane (Phobius)0
Number of members that are secreted (Phobius)0
Fraction of members that are secreted (Phobius)0
Number of significant complete CDD hits that were assigned to family representative sequence2
PSSMs assigned315759, 274891
Domains assignedSCIFF, six_Cys_in_45

PubMed ID31402174
TitleLarge-Scale Analyses of Human Microbiomes Reveal Thousands of Small, Novel Genes
AuthorsHila Sberro, Brayon J. Fremin, Soumaya Zlitni, Fredrik Edfors, Nicholas Greenfield, Michael P. Snyder, Georgios A. Pavlopoulos, Nikos C. Kyrpides, and Ami S. Bhatt
JournalCell 178, 1–15, August 22, 2019