Detail Information of small proteins related to Human Microbiomes for Family ID: 22
General Information
Family ID22
No. Members571
Small Protein Length50
Example of a Refseq homologWP_005939224.1
Associated HGT genesHTH_MerR-trunc, INT_C_like_4, INT_C_like_3, INT_ICEBs1_C_like, INT_P4_C, recomb_XerD, XerD, Phage_int_SAM_4, xerD, INT_RitA_C_like, INT_XerDC_C, INT_Rci_Hp1_C, INT_IntI_C, DDE_Tnp_IS1595, RecA-like_NTPases, INT_C_like_1, HTH_28, recomb_XerC, Phage_integrase, DNA_BRE_C, XerC, Phage_int_SAM_5, xerC, INTN1_C_like, INT_RitC_C_like
Number of non bacterial 0
Non bacterial classification_numbe of members that were classified to itNA
RNA code p-value assigned to family0.000101
number of species28
SpeciesBacteroides sp. 1_1_6_1, Bacteroides stercoris_1, Bacteroides fragilis_4, Bacteroides eggerthii_1, Bacteroides sp. 3_1_33FAA_14, Bacteroides sp. AR20_1, Bacteroides sp. 9_1_42FAA_1, Bacteroides sp. CAG:20_1, Ruminococcus bromii_1, Bacteroides salyersiae_1, Bacteroides sp. CAG:754_2, Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron_1, Bacteroides intestinalis_1, Bacteroides coprocola_1, Bacteroides vulgatus_355, Bacteroides sp. CAG:98_58, uncultured Bacteroides sp._1, Bacteroides massiliensis_70, Bacteroides caccae_5, Bacteroides ovatus_4, Bacteroides sartorii_4, Bacteroides stercoris CAG:120_1, Bacteroides sp. 3_1_40A_2, Bacteroides dorei_29, Bacteroides uniformis_2, Paraprevotella clara CAG:116_1, Bacteroides plebeius_2, Bacteroides dorei CAG:222_3

Sample Origin
Body SitesNo. SamplesFraction
Number of homologs from non-human metagenomesNumber of different types of non-human environmentsNon human environments in which homologs exist_number of homologs
123Birds_1, Terrestrial_1, Mammals_10

Function prediction
% of family members that are predicted to have a transmembrane domain (TMHMM)1
Is family classified as Transmembrane (TMHMM)1
% of family members that are predicted to have a signal peptide in gram+ (SignalP_v5.0)0
Is family predicted to be secreted in gram+ (SignalP_v5.0)0
% of family members that are predicted to have a signal peptide in gram- (SignalP_v5.0)0
Is family predicted to be secreted in gram- (SignalP_v5.0)0
Number of members the are transmembrane (Phobius)571
Fraction of members that are transmembrane (Phobius)1
Number of members that are secreted (Phobius)0
Fraction of members that are secreted (Phobius)0
Number of significant complete CDD hits that were assigned to family representative sequence0
PSSMs assignedNA
Domains assignedNA

PubMed ID31402174
TitleLarge-Scale Analyses of Human Microbiomes Reveal Thousands of Small, Novel Genes
AuthorsHila Sberro, Brayon J. Fremin, Soumaya Zlitni, Fredrik Edfors, Nicholas Greenfield, Michael P. Snyder, Georgios A. Pavlopoulos, Nikos C. Kyrpides, and Ami S. Bhatt
JournalCell 178, 1–15, August 22, 2019