Specific Information of Small Protein : SPROHSA136193
General Information
Small Protein IDSPROHSA136193
OrganismHuman (Homo sapiens)
Small Protein SequenceMKKRREDFLLEMRR*
Protein Length14
Start CodonATG
Mean PhyloCSF-6.4240000089
Data SourceRibosome profiling;
Related GenesENSG00000141429; GALNT1;
Mass (Da)mono. 1907; avg. 1908.3
Ribosome profiling
Ribo-seq IDEnsembl Gene IDEnsembl Transcript IDSymbolGene TypeTIS TypeRibo P valueTIS P valueStart On TransStop On TransIn-frame CountRibo-seq RPKM
Min Ribo P value0.040835
Min TIS P valueNone
Ribo-seq IDCell or TissuePhenotypeRibo-seq Source DetailsPMID
GSE65778HEK293TWTGSM1606107; GSM160610825719440;

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Mass Spectrometry Information
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Function and Disease
Functional domain prediction Funtion   
AnalysisSignature AccessionSignature DescriptionStart locationStop locationScoreStatus of the matchInterPro accessionInterPro descriptionGOPathways
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Related Variants
Variant IDConsequence to sORFrsIDRibo-seq ID
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Related Small Proteins with Different TISs
SmProt IDSmall Protein LengthStart CodonStrandBlocks
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