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NyuWa, or NüWa, is the mother goddess who was the creator of the human population in Chinese mythology. Here we present the NyuWa Chinese population resource that fills the blank of high quality Chinese reference panel with 2902 samples at 30X sequencing depth. The 30X sequencing depth enables high quality variant calling, rare variant discovery and SV identification. This resource enables us to explore the population structure and facilitate further genetic studies in Chinese population.


The first version of our NyuWa resource included high coverage WGS of 2902 different Chinese samples, which were collected from various projects including diabetes and control samples. There were in total 1335 females and 1664 males in The NyuWa dataset. After identification of close relatives within the third degree, a maximum of 2902 independent samples can be obtained in our dataset. The samples in this resource were mainly sequenced at the target depth of 30X.


Here we present a free web service for users to impute genotype data, utilizing NyuWa resource as reference panel. It provides access to a high-performance computing clusters and to reference panel (NyuWa) of sequenced genomes. You could upload GWS data in VCF format and receive imputed results after processing. Also, we provides a database storing AC, AF, AN and other basic information of variant sites in our NyuWa resource. Users could query variant sites information you need. These are some functions and applications we offer:

  • Mannual page - The instructoin of our website, including how to register and sign in, upload your files(with correct format), get imputed results and use database to query variant sites information. The data security also be stated here.
  • Information querying - Users could query AC, AF, AN and other information of variant sites you are interested in. The basic information will be exhibited in detail after you input position range in genome.
  • Imputation service - You can upload your GWS genotype data directly in this page just following our instruction with VCF format (hg38). It should be nocticed that only you have signed in you could upload data and get results. The status of signing in will be kept for one day.


The imputation service and other applications are totally free, just for scholar communication. In addition, we ensure that the genotype data is only stored for imputation, and we don't retain it for any other purpose. After you have uploaded your VCF files and acquired your imputed results, we will delete your files including your result files in a short time. Of course, you need to register just with simple personal information and sign in before starting jobs in our refpanel for data safety. It means that anyone except you couldn't check your files, imputing status and results. Also, we don't collect your personal information in any shape or form. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Latest news

  • NyuWa 1.0 release Apr. 09, 2020
  • The first version of NyuWa with resource of 2999 samples supplies imputation service and information querying of variant sites.