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Data last updated at UCSC: 2019-06-25


This track shows the assembly (Dec. 2011, Genome Reference Consortium Mouse Build 38 (GCA_000001635.2)) of the mouse genome. Whole-genome shotgun reads were assembled into contigs. When possible, contigs were assembled into chromosomes. The order, orientation and gap sizes between contigs within a chromosome are based on paired-end read evidence.

In dense mode, this track depicts the contigs that make up the currently viewed chromosome. Contig boundaries are distinguished by the use of alternating gold and brown coloration. Where gaps exist between contigs, spaces are shown between the gold and brown blocks. When the relative order and orientation of the contigs within a chromosome is known, a line is drawn in the graphical display to bridge the blocks.

Clone Type Key:

  • W - Whole Genome Shotgun contig
  • F - Finished
  • O - Other sequence (mitochondrial)