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Signing in enables you to save current settings into a named session, and then restore settings from the session later.
If you wish, you can share named sessions with other users.

Session Management
  See the Sessions User's Guide for more information about this tool. See the Session Gallery for example sessions.

Click here to reset the browser user interface settings to their defaults.

If you sign in, you will also have the option to save named sessions.

Save Settings

Save current settings to a local file:
   file:    file type returned:  plain text   gzip compressed (ignored if output file is blank) 
(leave file blank to get output in browser window)
Save Custom Tracks:
   backup custom tracks to archive .tar.gz 

Restore Settings

Use settings from another user's saved session:
   user:    session name:   
Use settings from a local file:   
Use settings from a URL (http://..., ftp://...):   

Sharing Sessions
  There are several ways to share saved sessions with others.
  • If you sign in, you will be able to save named sessions which will be displayed with Browser and Email links.
  • If you have saved your settings to a local file, you can send email to others with the file as an attachment and direct them to .
  • If a saved settings file is available from a web server, you can send email to others with a link such as where U is the URL of your settings file, e.g. . In this type of link, you can replace "hgSession" with "hgTracks" in order to proceed directly to the Genome Browser. For an example page using such links please see the Session Gallery.